Partnering with Premier

Why Premier?

Premier Workspaces® is the leading national provider of highly-professional, flexible office space. We offer landlords a proven solution that’s based on 18 years of profitable growth. Not only is that a source of pride, it’s unique within the industry. With over 90 locations, we understand the importance of operational excellence. Our proprietary model focuses on a blend of premium products and services that are designed to engage clients and stimulate revenue. Unparalleled economies of scale allow you to benefit from the purchasing and negotiation power of a large corporation. Our strategic relationships with brokers, corporate clients, and our own marketing efforts nationwide place your property at the forefront.

Solutions Designed to Maximize Your Assets and Portfolio Capital


Management / Joint Ventures & Partnerships

If you are looking for a shared workspace expert, we would like to meet you. We offer a full-service solution that includes Center Design, Staffing, Sales, Client Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Information Technology, Telecom, Financial Forecasting, Reporting, and Vendor Support. 



Let our 18-year operational history work for you. We commonly partner with landlords, lenders and other entities in a consulting capacity.

Our Partners Include

Michael Pollack

Vice President/Director of Real Estate